CO2 Emissions per Electrical Energy Unit (kgCO2/kWh) by US State

Ever wonder how much CO2 you are emitting when you use electricity. I’ve put together this handy graph to show one interpretation of this CO2-emissions-due-to-electricity factor. Note: this graph was built using publicly available data at the Energy Information Administration; Also, the emissions are only for those utility power plants within each state’s borders, so this graph ignores the regional nature of the electricity grid (even though this is the case, the number represented here should be a good heuristic for anyone interested in calculating their CO2 footprint due to electricity usage).

(Click to enlarge)

What should you do with number? Multiply you monthly electricity usage on your electric bill by the kgCO2/kWh given for the state where you live.

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2 Responses to CO2 Emissions per Electrical Energy Unit (kgCO2/kWh) by US State

  1. Wayne Marshall says:

    Hi Jonathan, this is interesting information, I’ve been trying to collate CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity on a global basis for a project I’m working on, I haven’t been able to find the info. state by state for the US before- even on the EIA site. Could you send me a link to it please?
    Cheers, Wayne

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